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Carlos Zapata


Carlos Zapata makes idiosyncratic carved and painted sculpture and installation. His work deals with many challenging and potent themes from poverty, conflict, religion and race, yet paradoxically, the overriding characteristics of the work are of empathy and compassion. Zapata’s work belongs to and takes inspiration from Folk and Tribal Arts from all over the world but specifically from South America, from its indigenous populous and the trade routes and traditions that have fed it over the centuries. Many of his sculptures have evolved from personal experience of living in a foreign land and from his home country where civil issues continue to trouble its people.

Carlos Zapata is a Colombian artist born in 1963. He currently lives near Falmouth, Cornwall UK. Zapata has exhibited Internationally with works held in numerous private collections and museums around the world.


Joseph Clarke, Anima Mundi

Bog Man, Carlos Zapata 2021, Mixed Media, H 155cm x W 73cm x D 45cm.

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