Anima Mundi are proud to present ‘Sacred Book’ the latest exhibition of sculpture and wall pieces by Cornwall based Colombian artist Carlos Zapata. Simultaneously sophisticated yet folkesque carvings deriving from a pan-cultural pollination, coalesce with fragrant pieces of rough un-carved wood in Carlos Zapata’s quiet and contemplative studio, a former farm building on the outskirts of Falmouth in Cornwall.


Zapata’s works are both distinctive and accomplished, developed from the young boy who made dolls with his Grandmother back in his native Colombia. Working through the process of making, Zapata reveals a deeply personal narrative which extends in to a broader universal understanding. His sensual and evocative works touch and dwell upon themes of class, race and empathy alongside hope, faith and connectivity. Recent works offer wider exploration of the ubiquitous and far reaching nature of the sacred, through examination of the ritualistic, spiritual and sacrificial object, within both his personal and extended culture. ‘Sacred Book’ clambers for the deep, point of origin of our species relationship with the spiritual. Joseph Clarke, 2020


Carlos Zapata’s exhibition ‘Sacred Book’ opens on Saturday 22 February alongside Evelyn Williams’ ‘Intimate Whispers’. Works are now available to preview online.

LAUNCH EVENT : Saturday 22 February, 6-8 pm

AT : Anima Mundi, Street-an-Pol, St. Ives, Cornwall, UK, TR26 2DS